Save Our Seeds

BLOG, by Darlene Lewis


I understand the reasons why these arguments exist. However, when there is black on black crime it is not polarized and promoted as much. The media has a way of helping promote racial inequality in this country.  If you play close attention you will see information promoted that helps divide the country as opposed to bringing us together.  There are bombs being dropped all over the world and our American soldiers male and female are being killed in wars that exist because of lies, greed and hatred. We should be more concerned about the increase of firearms in the hands of our teens in the urban areas. Where is the outrage over all of the women having multiple babies by several uneducated, non working men? Why is the USA  supporting irresponsibility. Why are parents allowing their kids to become gang bangers? You know your child is hanging in the streets all hours of the night and you do not put your foot down and put a stop to the fighting you know your child is doing.  Why would the media neglect to report all of the educated young men and women and teens that are going to college, creating businesses? There are more people of color doing good than bad, yet the media chooses the shock value. People need to take control over their children, and adults need to be more accountable over their own lives. You spend more time arguing over small things and then others see the disunity and have found a way to divide and conquer.  I know that many will complain that I am another BILL COSBY but someone has to snap you out of the nonsense. Blacks and hispanics are losing the  economic war. We are not taking advantage of the many opportunities that exist to invest, yet we remain consumers and are women are vanity driven.  The only time people of color come together is when there is a white person killing someone black, a funeral or a party or picnic. Why not use that same enthusiasm when a child robs another child, or graduates from a college  or creates a new product or writes a book.  We spend countless hours fight, looting and profiling. Poor people, rich people and middle income people have not mastered the media in the way that some have and because of this information is not given in a manner that is beneficial.   I plead for the mothers and fathers that have to bury their children to take a look at what circumstances led your child to become victims in their own communities. Let's look at what activities most of these young men and women are engaging in. Why are there so many single parent homes, women looking like hookers on the streets, men taking on the persona of thugs and babies having babies?  What happened to respect? Where are the people that believed in respecting their elders, getting a quality education and building their communities? Where are those people in the midst of the craziness that takes place in the America of today?

Fox 5 News shows support to Hands That Make A Difference and Save our Seeds Anti Violence Walk from Darlene Lewis on Vimeo. and stage an anti violence walk and enlist the help of center's youth, neighbors and concerned citizens. Youth of Al Sharpton's National Action Network show support to founder Lisa Fields Lennon. Reggie Reg of The Crash Crew joins the marches...